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The brief was to send a very personalised and targeted piece of direct mail to a specific person in America to land at a very specific ... Read more

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David Leach with his LeachPrint Directors

David Leach (1929-2016)

Mon 3 October 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our former Chairman, David Leach. ...

What we offer

LeachPrint, an Oxfordshire based printers, take away all of the stress and worry of print. You know the print is going to arrive on time. You know it’s going to look the part. You know there aren’t going to be any issues. There’s none of that.

LeachPrint put in the time, the effort and the understanding. LeachPrint understand your company. They understand you as people as well. They understand the sort of customer you work with.

They understand how you work. They understand your deadlines. They understand that sometimes there are things which are last minute that you need to get done. They understand why it’s so last minute.

That is why the relationships between LeachPrint and their customers work so well.

LeachPrint give you worry-free print.

We are here to help.

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