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Cut Vinyl

The Project:
We received a call from a prospect client with a project they had been working on with a manufacturer of formula 1 parts. It was to produce some interior wall signage for their client.
The brief was simple: Precision!

The Solution

Taking on board that this had to be produced in a short time scale and installed by our experienced installation team, we quickly provided several options.

  • Print direct to substrate onto wallpaper and install
  • Produce cut vinyl’s and install

It quickly became apparent that the first option wasn’t viable. The client just had all the interior walls professionally painted and didn’t want to cover this up. Being a dust free environment the premises are almost as clean as a hospital surgery. Manufacturing formula 1 components is a precision business!

The second option of cut vinyl was quickly realised. The next stage was to select 4 colours and produce some samples for our client.

As you can see from the images, all graphics needed to be applied at a precise angle of 30 degrees. How did we do that with nearly 40 graphics to apply? Our innovative solution can be seen here. A customised jig was a simple and effective answer.

A very satisfied client with an effective room perfectly designed and installed.



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